Atlanta Colloid & Soft Matter Links
  The following is an incomplete but growing list of websites related to Colloid and Soft Matter Research in Atlanta, Georgia:  

Soft Materials Workgroup @-Georgia Tech & Emory

  Atlanta Colloid & Soft Matter Bag Lunch  

Advanced Polymer Interfaces - the Meredith Group


Hernandez Nonequilibrium Dynamics Group

  The Riedo Pico-Force Laboratory  
  Champion Lab: Protein Based Materials   The Kindt Research Group   Sven Behrens Group  
  Connie Roth's Polymer Lab (Emory)   Lu Microfluidics Group   Schatz Pattern Formation and Control Laboratory  
  Curtis Group: Cell Biophysics Lab
  Lyon Group: Soft Materials Chemistry and Physics   Victor Breedveld's Complex Fluids Group  
  Fernandez-Nieves Soft Condensed Matter Laboratory   Mohan Srinivasarao Group   Weeks Complex Fluids Lab  
  The Goldman Crab Lab   The Payne Lab   The Burton Lab