Atlanta Colloid & Soft Matter Bag Lunch Seminar
About the Seminar Series
Our Bag Lunch Seminar Series was launched in March 2008 as a way to bring together local research groups from different schools and disciplines with a common interest in Colloid and Soft Matter research. Many of us felt that we had reached a "critical mass" and an opportunity for joining forces and building a strong local community. The Colloid & Soft Matter Bag Lunch Seminar is part of our endeavor to provide a community forum, as is the semi-annual Southeast Soft Materials Workshop.

The Bag Lunch Seminars usually comprise two oral presentations, given by faculty members, postdocs or an experienced graduate student:
  • a technical talk (10 - 15 minutes) that introduces to the community a specific technique (experimental or computational) that is used successfully by the speaker’s group and which the group would like the community to know about, and
  • a research presentation (30 - 35 minutes) by a different group, which discusses research in progress. This presentation can be used to introduce a topic and some preliminary results and should ideally end with an open question or a riddle that the presenter is currently trying to solve and that invites comments and suggestions from the audience and opens up a broader discussion..

This aim of this format is to stimulate informal contacts between our groups, to promote the exchange of ideas and instrumental resources, and to provide a safe and supportive environment for the discussion of open questions in ongoing research projects.